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Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 10)

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris I’m a bit disappointed that (spoiler for previous books, I guess?) Sookie got together with Eric a couple books ago, because the tension (both sexual and non-) between those two was my favorite part of the books, and that’s pretty much dissipated now. Despite the fact that I finished this book under a week ago, I had to go look up the plot so I could try to give an actual review, because I couldn’t remember it. After looking it up, I realize that that’s because there wasn’t much of one, just a few tying up of loose ends from the previous book and a few hints at trouble to come. This book really shouldn’t exist. It’s not terrible, there’s just not much substance to it.(Cross-posted to my blog, http://www.elenagleason.com)