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I am an avid reader of YA, fantasy, and romance, a librarian, and a writer of fantasy short fiction.

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The Shadow Cats (Fire and Thorns, #0.5)

The Shadow Cats (Fire and Thorns, #0.5) - Rae Carson 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this novella, getting more insight into the aloof and perfect Alodia and seeing Elisa through her eyes. I was surprised that Elisa was actually correct about Alodia's feelings toward her, at least up to the point of the novella. I assumed she wouldn't be quite so dismissive of her sister. It served as a nice opportunity for character growth though, and I liked that we saw peeks of character growth for Elisa as well, hinting at the strength of character that won't become obvious until well into The Girl of Fire and Thorns.