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Ash - Malinda Lo I noticed a lot of buzz surrounding this book among authors and readers I respect, so I had high expectations going in. I was disappointed. I found the book very bland, from beginning to end. All of the characters seemed very wooden and/or one-dimensional, and I pretty much just kept reading because it was inoffensive and short.Part of the reason I think I didn't take to this book is that it's a very meandering, quiet sort of story about death and love. There's not really any action to speak of, and the story is pretty simplistic and straightforward, with no twists (unless you weren't expecting the lesbianism, I suppose). If you like that sort of book, you might like this one. I'm interested in action, adventure, witty dialogue, and romance in my fiction. This book supplied a rather uninspiring dose of romance, but the rest was definitely absent.The thing that weighs my opinion of the book down from a "meh, bland but okay" three stars to a "not recommended" two stars is that Ash makes an inexplicably stupid decision in what seems to me to be just a way to get the characters from point A to point B in the plot, and it jolted me out of the story altogether.FAERIE: Care to make a wish?ASH: Well, I have read a lot of faerie tales, and I know that there are always really horrible strings attached to accepting wishes from faeries, but okay! I wish I could go on a date without my family knowing. What'll that cost me?FAERIE: You will be mine forever.ASH: Oh, is that all? Make this date happen!Me: ?! Did you seriously just promise eternity to a faerie in exchange for an awkward first date? Seriously?So, yes. If you like quiet, unassuming stories and don't require too much depth to your characters (like faerie tales!), you might enjoy Ash. Bonus points (2.5 stars, maybe?) for lesbian characters that don't feel the need to jump up and down saying, "I'M A LESBIAN, LET ME ANGST ABOUT IT TO YOU."