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I am an avid reader of YA, fantasy, and romance, a librarian, and a writer of fantasy short fiction.

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Magic Under Glass

Magic Under Glass  - Jaclyn Dolamore I first heard about this book in the context of the huge rigamarole over the cover. (The main character is from an India-inspired fantasy nation, and her ethnicity is a huge part of the plot, yet this was the first cover, until the internet kicked up a fuss and the publisher fixed it.) It's sort of a steam/clockpunk world, which interested me. The main character, Nimira, is a singer who is hired to perform with a clockwork automaton pianist who (minor spoiler for the first bit?) turns out to be an enchanted, long-lost fairy prince. Nim and the automaton/prince, Erris embark on a friendship via a piano key code, and Nim vows to help Erris reverse the spell that he's under. The villain seemed a bit too villainous for me (I like my villains to have some complexity of character), but there were some lovely parts to this book. I would tell you my favorites, but it would be spoilery. When I finished this book, I only wished Dolamore had spent more time in her world, giving us more depth for both the world and the characters. I'm intrigued to see where she takes the sequel.(Cross-posted to my blog, http://www.elenagleason.com)