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As You Wish

As You Wish - Jackson Pearce This is a genie book, as the title implies, and I was glad to discover it didn't have the traditional "be careful what you wish for" plot/moral/message. The chapters alternated between the lonely teenage girl with the wishes and the jinn, also refreshing. It was interesting to get a peek into the world of the jinn, though I didn't quite buy the complete and utter blahness of it all. Another thing I didn't buy, which ruined the book for me, is that of all the masters he's served, Jinn falls for Viola, our intrepid young heroine. There is absolutely nothing remarkable about her. She feels invisible, and it's her strong desire to belong that causes Jinn to get saddled with her. How is she different from all the other teenage girl masters that Jinn has served? Well, she talks to him instead of treating him like a wish-granting machine. Seriously? NO ONE ELSE EVER has struck up a conversation? I find that impossible to believe. I know that I'd be fascinated with a jinn/genie if one ever popped up to grant me wishes, and the first thing I'd ask would be, "What would you wish for?" So the whole time, I was utterly unconvinced that Viola would have been at all interesting to Jinn, which kind of ruins the love story.(Cross-posted to my blog, http://www.elenagleason.com)