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Vengeance Bound

Vengeance Bound - Justina Ireland Note: This review is of an uncorrected advance reader copy.1.5 stars. When Amelie was a desperate pre-teen in a horrible situation, the Furies answered her call for help. Taking up residence inside her, in the aftermath of her trauma the Furies' presence caused Amelie to be institutionalized, where she fell victim to Dr. Goodhart, an unscrupulous psychiatrist engaging in illegal drug trials who thinks that treating Amelie's supposed multiple personality disorder will make his career. She escapes, and vows to get her vengeance on the sadistic doctor. In order to appease the Furies while she hunts Dr. Goodhart, Amelie helps them enact "justice" on men--murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc. But the Furies seem to be gaining in strength, and wanting vengeance more frequently, and it's all Amelie can do to hold onto her humanity in the face of their desires. To help keep her sane, she enrolls in high school, where she meets Niko, a boy who may be worth fighting the Furies for.This book...was horrible. It started out okay, but got off track almost immediately. Here are three things I really hated about this book:1. Niko and the relationship. It was insta-love. And the insta-love was especially terrible because neither Niko nor Amelie actually seem to have any likable characteristics. Niko is blander than dry toast, and Amelie is preoccupied with the murderous Furies who live in her head. Why did they like each other? Oh, right, they're both physically attractive. Niko's eyes, in fact, are seemingly the most important thing about him. Here are just a few of the dozen (I counted) times Amelie waxes poetic about his amazing eyes:"They're a shade that reminds me of how the ocean looks right after a hurricane blows through, wind tossed and angry. A slate gray shot through with darker shades of navy and flecks of cornflower brightness. Cliched but true. His stormy eyes stop my heart for a second." "His eyes are the color of the winter sky, and they're so bright, it steals my breath. For a moment the world falls away. I want this moment to last forever.""He's now close enough for me to see the irises of his eyes. The low light makes them shine, the blue the same pale shade as the sky right before dawn.""His eyes are the color of the sky in a Monet painting I saw once when I was younger, a gray-blue so perfect that it fills me with a longing sharp enough to cut stone."I think Amelie meeting Niko was supposed to really make things get exciting, but it actually had the opposite effect. Edward Cullen has a hundred times the personality this kid's got--I mean, at least we know Edward enjoys music, hunting large animals with his bare hands, and putting himself through the torture of high school over and over again for no reason. Niko? He likes...Amelie. Sometimes, I guess. Though he doesn't have a great way of showing it.2. Every female character aside from Amelie is some variety of petty, malicious, or insane--and I'm not talking about the Furies here. This book definitely fails the Bechdel Test (unless you count Amelie's weird dream-conversations with a cryptic former Fury), and it's not for lack of female characters.3. The ending. I think it's meant to be a "triumphing over evil" sort of ending, but, uh, there's no triumph. There wasn't even really any major attempt to triumph over evil--what resolution with the Furies occurs is something that's completely out of Amelie's hands, and not exactly a desired outcome. I'm so confused about how not only the author but also her agent and an editor thought this ending was satisfactory.Overall, I just really don't understand how there are people out there who like this book. It fails on almost every front. Disappointing.