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I am an avid reader of YA, fantasy, and romance, a librarian, and a writer of fantasy short fiction.

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John Lennon: All I Want Is the Truth

John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth - Elizabeth Partridge 2.5 stars. I have to admit that I don't read biographies, so this was an adventure in reading for me. I was mostly pretty bored, and I'm not sure if that's because I don't like biography or because this was a particularly dry one. I found that the book was often, especially in the earlier chapters, a litany of facts--dates, names, places, etc.--and I found it extremely difficult to engage with the text on the level I'm used to. I was also somewhat thrown by the size of the book--All I Want is the Truth isn't a book you can really cozy up with, so I ended up reading it while sitting at my desk, while I normally prefer doing my pleasure reading in bed or on the couch. I found myself evaluating it as an academic text rather than a book for pleasure reading, thinking that it would be a great book to keep around to reference for background information while doing deeper research on John Lennon. Overall, I wasn't really entertained at all by this book, but I can't tell if the problem was the book or me.