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I am an avid reader of YA, fantasy, and romance, a librarian, and a writer of fantasy short fiction.

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Partials - This book had a lot going for it: great premise, some solid characters, plot twists (some of them predictable, others not), etc.However, it is in severe need of a good editor. To me, this felt like a solid middle draft. Something that maybe a publishing house might deservingly purchase, yeah. But then it would be, you know, edited to remove logical inconsistencies and improve the pacing.There were SO MANY inconsistencies. It got to the point where neither I nor my readalong companions could tell when something was a deliberate clue-type inconsistency or just a gaping plot or worldbuilding hole (most of them turned out to be just holes).The pacing was also a huge issue. If the whole book contained what its last 100 pages or so did, the book would get at least four stars from me, even if the logic holes remained. It was exciting, surprising, and the characters got into a lot of trouble they had to figure out how to extract themselves from....And then the book ended. *sigh* I'll definitely read the second one, in the hope that Wells will be able to maintain the momentum that he gathered in the last bit of this book (and hopefully his editor will be more on the ball this time), but I just can't justify giving this book more than three stars as it stands.