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Barely a Lady (Drake's Rakes Series #1)

Barely a Lady - Eileen Dreyer I started this book as a bit of light reading before bed, then accidentally stayed up all night to finish it. Oops.I loved a lot of things about this book. It had an actual significant non-romantic plot that was connected to the romantic plot, the heroine, Olivia, wasn't wealthy, and despite the fact that the book revolves around amnesia (seriously? amnesia?) it was actually fairly well-done, as far as amnesia portrayals go. The women in the book were all seriously kick-ass, and the Bechdel Test was passed with flying colors.The four star rating means a lot more once I reveal that I really didn't like the hero, Jack. He was pretty unforgivably cruel to Olivia five years prior to the start of this book. I guess I'm just an unforgiving sort of person, but if I were Olivia I doubt I would have taken him back unless he revealed that it was really his evil twin who had done such horrible things and that he had spent the past five years attempting to find her to explain and make amends. But no, he's spent the past five years still being pissed off at her for things she didn't do, when he bothers to think about her at all, and embarking on a relationship with another woman. At one point in the story, he says to Olivia, "I don't deserve you," and the whole room full of women, Olivia included, choruses, "No, you don't." They were right. She deserved better.This was still an awesome book though--a romance novel I enjoyed wholeheartedly despite the fact that I didn't favor the primary romantic pairing. What a rare jewel.