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Warrior (Blades of the Rose Series #1)

Warrior - Zoe Archer This was pretty good. Sort of halfway between a historical romance and a historical fantasy. Tons of bonus points for a non-European setting--I loved getting to see Mongolia in what's essentially a Regency romance plus magic. Definitely didn't fall into the usual romance pitfall of having no plot. I also appreciated that Thalia was strong without being a caricature, and that while Gabriel had the occasional "Must protect the frail woman!" impulses (understandable considering the time period), he quickly tamped them down and reminded himself that Thalia could take care of herself and wouldn't take too kindly to any attempt at heavy-handedness on his part.That said, while the book was pretty action-y, I felt it dragged a bit in the middle. Stuff was still happening, but I started to get antsy for the climax quite a while before it actually happened, and I ended up skimming a little.Will definitely be reading the next book.