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Song of Scarabaeus

Song of Scarabaeus - I wanted to like this book. I want this sort of "urban fantasy in space" genre to be a thing, but so far I have been utterly underwhelmed by the books I've read that qualify.In Song of Scarabaeus (Side note: Who okayed this title? That's a terrible title!), most of the book's interpersonal tension comes about between Edie, our heroine, and Finn, her bodyguard/slave who will die if a) she dies or b) he gets too far away from her. Or, rather, there's supposed to be tension. There should have been tension. There would have been tension had Finn not had the personality of a piece of unbuttered toast.Finn is the character type I usually like: the stoic protector/fighter with a sarcastic streak that peeks out every now and then. His set-up was great too--I loved his background and the circumstances the author threw him into. The character-shaped hole that Finn was supposed to fit was really very pleasing. However, Finn himself was so, so boring that the entire book just fizzled out. Because without Finn, Edie, her pet planet Scarabaeus, and the rogue team of interplanetary scavengers/smugglers who may or may not be evil just couldn't quite carry the book.I will give the book this: Scarabaeus was excellently portrayed. If you managed to make it through the three quarters of the book that took place on spaceships and get to the planetary action, it was great. Creepy and surprising and incredibly cinematic--I kept thinking that the book would make a wonderful movie, until I remembered all the boring, non-cinematic bits that led up to Scarabaeus.If you like the Sirantha Jax books, or you find the idea of urban fantasy in space really appealing, this book might be good to check out. Personally, I'd wait for a better example of the subgenre to appear.