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The Demon's Covenant (Demon's Lexicon Trilogy Series #2)

The Demon's Covenant - Sarah Rees Brennan A review in list form, because I am lazy:1. I was skeptical about Mae as a narrator, because I really disliked her in The Demon's Lexicon. I still kind of disliked her in this book.2. However, it's obvious that Sarah Rees Brennan adores Nick and Alan as much as I do, because they were definitely still focal characters, to the point that I understood what was going on with Nick, at least, almost to the same degree as I did when he was the narrator. There were times when Mae faded into the background as Nick and Alan interacted. As a writer, I disapproved. As a reader who likes Nick and Alan and doesn't like Mae, I heartily approved.3. I liked Jamie in the last book, but he was a sodding idiot in this one. Stupid characters are a pet peeve of mine. At least he wasn't narrating. Stupid narrators make me stop reading.4. Is that supposed to be Mae on the cover? Because Mae has bright pink hair. And is extremely short. I guess it must be Sin, but I don't understand why she was chosen to stick on the cover of Mae's book...5. In brief, not as good as The Demon's Lexicon, but there's enough Nick and Alan to keep fans of that book entertained.