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Game - Barry Lyga Fair warning: This may be the goriest novel I've ever read, adult or YA. If you have a weak stomach, steer clear of this one.Dear Jasper,You weren't as stupid as your friends in this book, so I'll give some of the stupid things you did in this book a pass. You at least comprehended some of the possible outcomes and, y'know, looked before you leaped, at least marginally. I still love you.Dear Connie,WTF. Just. Seriously. What the fuck? I thought you had some brains, and your handling of your relationship with Jazz was actually pretty intelligent and cool. I liked you. But then. THEN. What on earth possessed you to think that going on a serial killer's scavenger hunt could possibly have a result that wasn't neatly delivering yourself--literally--to the serial killer in question? SERIOUSLY. I am this close to saying that you deserved what you got. Because really, come on.Dear Howie,Dear G. William,You only got two very brief scenes in this book, which is probably why I still think you're dope. Keep on being awesome, last sane character in this series. You are probably the rest of the cast's only hope for survival in book three.Dear Mystery Plot,You were actually kind of badass! The game was very clever, actually, and when Jazz made his big leap into revelation territory, I was impressed. It was tricksy enough that I hadn't caught on miles ahead of the characters, and it was one of those reveals that makes you go, "Oh my God, that makes so much sense!" and not one that makes you scratch your head because the logic leap just didn't track. Your logic tracked. Much