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I am an avid reader of YA, fantasy, and romance, a librarian, and a writer of fantasy short fiction.

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Skies of Fire - Zoe Archer Got two thirds of the way through this before giving in to my complete and utter boredom with the characters, the world, and the story.I honestly don't know what it is about Zoe Archer, but I just cannot get into her books. If I try to pick them apart, it seems like there's nothing wrong: action, characters with characteristics I usually enjoy, an absence of sexism and other nasty 'isms, a world that seems pretty well-put-together. But somehow things just don't come together in a way that keeps me eager to turn pages.I've picked up enough of her books now that I think it's not just a fluke. As much as I want to be able to support this author, I am just completely disinterested.