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Burning Lamp (Arcane Society, #8) - Amanda Quick I really, really want to still like Amanda Quick. She is one of the best plotters of any historical romance author I've ever read, she is great at including LGBT characters (well, heavily on the L and T, as far as I can tell), and she has a few characters with disabilities. Furthermore, this book includes people who aren't moving in society, which is something I would love to see more of in romance from this era. All of these are things that make me say, "Yay!"...But all of Quick's heroes (extending into her other pseudonyms as well) are domineering assholes who are constantly forbidding the heroines to do things in order to protect them. "You can't make your own decisions! No! It's not safe! I'm treating you like a child for your own good!" Sure, her heroines often say, "Screw that shit," and ignore them, but that just causes the men to reprimand them, bemoan the fact that the women will be the death of them, and tell them to never disobey them again. Whereupon the women roll their eyes and say, "Yes, dear."My mother, who still reads Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz almost at the exclusion of any other author, tries to defend that as "Just the way it was at the time." However, I don't think you can really get away with defending category romance on grounds of historical accuracy. And, well, when I'm reading a novel, I want to actually like the characters. There are plenty of other authors out there who are writing historical romance heroes who don't make me want to punch them in the face. For example, Courtney Milan, Sabrina Jeffries, and Tessa Dare. Unfortunately, while I do enjoy those authors, none of them can write plots as compelling as Amanda Quick. *sigh*