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Feed - Mira Grant This book blew my mind. I'm picky with my stars, and this is my first five-star book of 2010 (out of 40). It's a book about zombies, sure, but the zombies are almost overshadowed at times by political intrigue and newsroom-esque drama.I love the future Grant has created: The zombie apocalypse came, and the world neither ended nor was saved. The world has had to learn to live with the "infected," and blog culture has come to dominate society--bloggers report the news, create the news, and serve as the world's primary source of entertainment.I enjoyed the novel from start to finish, but what really blew my mind was a certain event that happens about 3/4 of the way through the book, which made me sit up and take notice of this author--she's not afraid to take risks with her fiction, and I really admire her for that. I mean, she killed off her protagonist. Her first person protagonist. In a genre novel. You've got to have real guts combined with real skill to do that and pull it off. I got more worked up over that scene than I have for anything in a work of fiction in a long time. In a good way.I'm supremely excited about the prospect of a sequel.