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Legend - Marie Lu I feel almost guilty for giving this book four stars, because I'm not sure it quite earned it. I wavered between 3.5 and 4, so just go ahead and pretend it's a 3.75. I went with four because this book hit a lot of my buttons, with disguises and fugitives and break-ins and break-outs and near-superhuman agility. It was sort of a guilty pleasure read in that I knew there were problems with it but couldn't help but enjoy it anyway.The major problem with this book is that its protagonists, June and Day, are perfect. They have no real flaws. Lu refers to them as prodigies, but really, their physical and mental (at least for June) abilities went beyond anything I can believe possible for human beings, and they're meant to be plain old human. Or, well, extraordinary human. Instead, they came across as superhuman, and that was a huge turn-off.(As an aside, I was frustrated while reading because I kept thinking, "I have read a book that hit all these same buttons but did so in a much better way. Which book was it?" It took me forever, but I finally realized that the book I was thinking of is a book I read in manuscript stage that hasn't found a publisher yet. So I can't even be all, "If you want to read a book a lot like this but WAY BETTER, read X!" because it's not actually a book yet. *sigh*)Overall, if you, like me, have a weakness for books about people with near-superhuman abilities simultaneously running from and fighting against an oppresive government, you'll enjoy this. If you don't like or are sick of dystopia, this one isn't anything outside the box enough to appeal. I can see why the publishers were so convinced that this would be the next Divergent (as indicated by the media frenzy preceding its release), but, well, there's a reason it wasn't as big a hit as predicted.