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Ashfall - Mike Mullin This is a book about what would happen if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted. As someone curious to know more about what would happen to our country if that disaster were to occur, this was an interesting read. You could tell the author did a crap ton of research and put a crap ton of thought into every little detail....However, you could really tell that the author put way too much thought into some things. There were parts of the book that got so bogged down in well-researched and well-thought detail that they got boring.The "traveling across a postapocalyptic world in search of someone" plot reminded me a little of Aftertime, and a lot of the respective authors' speculation on how people would behave in this sort of scenario was similar. I liked Aftertime much more than this. I didn't find the plot and characters here to be at all compelling. I read this book in two days not because I loved it but because I wanted to hurry up and finish so I could read something else. The book was interesting enough on the supervolcanic disaster side that I didn't want to abandon it midway through, but I definitely thought about it, because the characters and plot weren't keeping my attention.Read this if you're interested in the Yellowstone supervolcano. If that premise doesn't hold your interest, I would advise you pass on this one.