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Pretty Girl-13 - Liz Coley At times, this book was uncomfortable to read. Rather than being an exciting thriller about a girl's kidnapping and escape, it's about Angie's slow journey back from a three-year captivity--not a physical journey, but a mental one.In the aftermath of her captivity and escape, Angie remembers absolutely nothing about the time that passed between waking up at Girl Scout Camp one morning and finding herself standing on her street three years later with a bag full of clothes that definitely aren't hers. Her parents, the police, and the doctors all say she went through a horrible ordeal, but Angie doesn't remember any of it. She doesn't even feel like she belongs in her own body anymore--it has grown up without her. Angie is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and through therapy she slowly gets to know her "alters," each of whom holds a different piece of the puzzle of Angie's past. The alters came into being to protect her, but now that Angie is safe, she becomes frustrated by her lost time--by the alter who stays up all night leaving Angie bleary-eyed the next day, by the one who "sluts up" her outfits without Angie even realizing it, by her total inability to recall anything about the three missing years of her life. And in the midst of everything she is also dealing with reintegrating into family and school life after everyone had given her up for dead, and with the mentality of a thirteen-year-old but the body of a sixteen-year-old.I had a few minor concerns about sexism and some one-dimensional characters, but overall this book is difficult but compelling, heartbreaking, and definitely worthwhile.