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The Danger of Desire - Elizabeth Essex 3.5 stars.My experience with this one was really odd because I adored it while simultaneously feeling disappointed. The heroine is a street thief, and street thieves are my favorite. I think I love regency street thieves even more than I love regency spies, and that is saying something. So Meggs is amazing and I love love love her. I love that she outsmarts/outfights the hero at least two times, I love that she's not afraid to say, "You are wrong and should really listen to my expertise in this matter." I love that she stands up for herself when the hero says something insulting. I love that she's constantly revealing some new facet of her character for the hero to gape at.I also really liked that there was a plot with an element of danger. Plots and danger are also my favorite!I didn't love the hero. I've read worse, but overall I thought he didn't treat Meggs with enough respect. He was too cagey and paternalistic. I dislike a lot of romantic heroes, and it makes me think that I must just have very different taste in men from the majority of romance readers and writers. Sigh.So this was yet another romance novel where an extremely excellent heroine was paired with a hero who, in my opinion, didn't deserve her. Oh well.