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The Shattered Dark - Sandy Williams 3.5 stars.Lots of people were upset with the big twist at the end of this book. I was a little upset about that, mostly because it means a return of the love triangle that was blessedly absent in this book. But overall my main problem was a huge issue with pacing. The first half of the book was so incredibly boring. It was a series of seemingly unconnected events, and you knew they were going to connect eventually, but in the meantime, there was no progression. It was just like, "McKenzie, you're needed here to watch this mysterious and surprising event!" followed by an unexpected attack followed by another mysterious and unexplained event, etc. McKenzie wasn't actually doing anything. Shit was just happening to her, and it was so boring.Things did finally start happening in a linear and more exciting way about halfway through when a certain character appears, but even after that McKenzie just kind of stumbled around until ALL WAS MADE CLEAR (SORT OF) IN THE END.Overall this suffered from what I think is probably a combo sophomore slump/middle book syndrome. Crossing my fingers that book three is a return to the fun of the first book. And that the relationship subplot is more of a "How do I figure out a way to be with Aren despite this awkward bond" plot than a "Now I am once again torn between two upstanding men!" plot, because THOSE ARE SO OLD, STOP WRITING THEM, AUTHORS, PLEASE.