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School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins Note: This review is of an electronic ARC received from the publisher through NetGalley.I might downgrade this book to 3.5 stars, just because I gave Hex Hall 4 stars and I don't feel this quite lived up to the Hex Hall series. It seems more...juvenile. Which seems like an odd criticism to make, considering the overall tone of the Hex Hall books. But, well, instead of having an overarching plot with a greater impact on the magical world we saw in the Hex Hall books, this book's plot was relegated to high school magic shenanigans. The high school magic shenanigans were pretty well-plotted, but things just didn't have the same tension, since the stakes were that much lower.I also missed the snark that dripped from every page of the Hex Hall series. Izzy just isn't a snarky sort of person, I get it. But there really wasn't any "it" factor strong enough to take the place of the snark that I feel was Hex Hall's trademark.You may have gathered from my comments that I was comparing this book to Hex Hall every step of the way. Yeah. I was. Sorry. If I had read this without reading the Hex Hall books, this review would probably be a lot more positive (I did give it almost-4 stars!), but I can't help but feel it suffers in comparison.Still, definitely worth the read for fans of relatively light-hearted high school magic shenanigans books, especially Hex Hall fans eager to see more of the Brannicks. I'm crossing my fingers that the next books broaden their scope--I think that would do a lot to help me get over my "But it's not Hex Hall!" whining.