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Doubletake - Rob Thurman I used to love this series, and really nothing has changed about the books, but my opinion of them keeps slipping. Probably because nothing about the books changes. After seven books where we learn over and over that monster-fighting brothers Cal and Niko would sacrifice anything for one another, that theme is kind of tired. DO SOMETHING NEW, PLEASE.Also, I kind of feel like this series has turned into the urban fantasy equivalent of a soap opera. Book six was the amnesia episode. Here, we got the evil twin. There was even a part in one of the earlier books where Cal "died" and everyone grieved for him, then he came back from the dead. What other soap opera tropes are left for Thurman to draw on? Will someone drop a baby on the brothers' doorstep? Will Niko's vampire girlfriend Promise end up pregnant with Cal's child? Will Cal finally find the love of his life and decide to get married only to discover at the altar that she's actually his first cousin? I am just curious enough that I'll probably pick up book 8. But not for a while. I think I'll need at least a couple months' break from the soap opera-esque Leandros brothers.