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Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost 3.5 stars. This book was certainly well-written, and I can't disagree with most of the great reviews it's gotten. And it's definitely WAY better than the author's first couple books, which I read way back when. However, I guess I'm just pretty sick of the "wealthy, powerful, and centuries-old supernatural man takes a largely inexplicable interest in a poor, spunky young supernatural woman and together they defeat evil and live happily ever after in wealth and power" storyline. The relationship is always so unequal. Can't we have some stories about two non-wealthy, non-ancient, and only moderately powerful supernaturals who join forces to overcome evil and live happily ever after in the middle class? Or a wealthy, powerful, and centuries-old supernatural woman who takes an interest in a mortal man? That'd be nice.Also, be forewarned: This book is not a stand-alone. I don't know why I expected one, when the author's Night Huntress series is six books in, but somehow I was equating this series with a typical romance series where each book follows a new couple. Not so. Things don't really wrap up in this book, plot or relationship-wise, so there's plenty of fodder for book two.If you're not sick of the aforementioned storyline, you will adore this book. Even if you agree with me that it's really annoying, this book is still enjoyable (unless your annoyance has reached the stage of a pet peeve, like my hatred of love triangles, which reaches new peaks with each new love triangle I read adgh kdfjlkfjdaskfj).