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Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Vol. 1 - Clint Hilinski, Derek Ruiz, Patricia Briggs 2.5 stars. I picked up this graphic novel after being massively disappointed by the prequel, Mercy Thompson: Homecoming, because I figured that a lot of my criticism of the prequel (namely, that it was totally disjointed and had no narrative arc whatsoever) would probably be remedied when we got into ground that had already been covered admirably in the novels.I was sort of right. This book, unlike Homecoming, does, indeed have a plot that makes sense. Unlike Homecoming, it does a halfway decent job of telling the story presented in the novel of the same name. However, I suppose it was inevitable that I'd be disappointed, since of course they had to pare down an entire traditional novel into a skimpy graphic novel.After reading this, I've come to the conclusion that the Mercy Thompson series just doesn't translate well into graphic form. For instance, an illustration of a wolf just can't quite convey the emotion that Mercy, as a shapeshifting coyote, could pick up on and describe in the book. So much of the wolf emotion is subtle body language cues that Mercy picks up on, but that normal people wouldn't. We're normal people. All the wolves look totally generic. Partly this could be the artist's fault, but I'm not really sure another artist could have done much better.Overall: Meh. I will stick to the regular novels (which are awesome).