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Darkness Becomes Her - Kelly Keaton First and foremost, this book does not match its cover. To me, this cover evokes a stereotypical Twilight-esque teen vampire romance. If I were designing this cover, I would have drawn instead on the atmospheric setting of a sort of postapocalyptic, decaying, supernatural-infused New Orleans.New 2, as the city is called after two huge hurricanes blew through and the government sold the resulting mess to the Novum, nine powerful families who had made New Orleans home for centuries, is the thing that makes this book worth reading. I'm not usually really into setting, preferring to focus on characters and plot, but in this case, the setting made the book for me.Other than setting, I found the book a little thin. There were a lot of things to admire in the characters, world, and plot, but the book is so short that each were given only the most superficial treatment.A lot of other reviews have pointed to worldbuilding holes, and I noticed those too, but I thought that they were due more to the author not taking the time to fully explain her reasoning than that reasoning not being present. For instance, it doesn't make sense mythologically that Ari , descended from Medusa, has white hair and teal eyes. Since when do gorgons have white hair and teal eyes? And it doesn't make sense that Ari won't reach her full gorgon-ness until she is 21. However, I'm pretty sure the author had reasons for those choices. She just didn't choose to share them with her audience, and that's where she's failed.I enjoyed this enough that I'm intrigued to see where she takes the next book, but I don't know if it's memorable enough that I'll still care in a few months.