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The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff I adored Brenna Yovanoff's debut novel The Replacement, so when friends who didn't even really like The Replacement that much started giving this second novel rave reviews, I was so excited to read it.And man, was I disappointed. I couldn't connect with Daphne, the main character, at all, and I found her characterization to be pretty inconsistent throughout the book. I liked Daphne's brother Obie, and love interest and second main character Truman was okay when he was actually displaying some agency (which was rarely, despite the fact that he was meant to be a main character). But none of the other characters felt real to me. They all just seemed like cardboard cutout characters, no depth to them at all.Most of the things I was interested in--Obie's relationship with Elizabeth and his decision-making process; Elizabeth herself as a person; the quiet, artistic sister Daphne left behind in Pandemonium; Truman's relationship with Charlie; Daphne's nonexistent relationship with her father; Daphne's mother's feelings toward her children; Daphne's demonic cousin Moloch, who seems conflicted about his work in collections--were explored only superficially or not at all, leaving me wholly unsatisfied with the conclusion of the book. The only arcs that are completed at the end of the novel are the relationship arc and Daphne's discovering-her-humanity arc, and the book introduced so many others that the ending just fell totally flat for me.I am also so incredibly sick of books that alternate points of view between first and third. And this one skipped between first person present and third person past. WHY? WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT? I am not one of those POV nazis who thinks that third person past is the only proper POV/tense combination--I actually really like first person, and I don't mind present tense. But mixing POVs and tenses together for no apparent reason is quickly growing to be one of my biggest literary pet peeves.I'll still read Brenna Yovanoff's next novel, because I did love her first book. But if this had been the first work of hers I'd read, I'd probably be giving her future works a pass.