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Third Grave Dead Ahead  - Darynda Jones I hate Reyes Farrow so freaking much that I really want to give this fewer stars. But I just...can't. Darynda Jones may be incapable of writing a male romantic lead who doesn't make me want to stab him, but damn can she plot. I am just in awe. If I ever write a novel, I will examine these novels to figure out how it's done.That said, I hope that the rage-enduced superpower thing going on at the end of this book signals that Charley is going to stop putting up with Reyes's complete bullshit simply because he's too darned pretty to stay mad at (REALLY? COME ON!). I mean, there's not much more he could do to make me hate him, short of actually harming Charley's friends and family (as opposed to just threatening them, which he has already done).Luckily for this book and my sanity, Reyes was absent for most of the last third of the book, so I could happily follow along with the two perfectly satisfactory non-Reyes-involving plots. There are plots enough to please everyone!