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Fade - Lisa McMann, Ellen Grafton So, the reason I really liked Wake is because I found the relationship between Janie and Cabel to be really endearingly realistic and sweet. I didn't really care about the Dreamcatcher stuff except the ways in which it affected the relationship.In this book, well. Cabel may be a teenager, but his manpain is full grown. He went from being an interesting, sympathetic character to a manpainy asshole. So the whole book was ruined for me right there, because I no longer like Cabel, and without the relationship to keep me interested, I found the whole thing pretty yawn-worthy.I also didn't appreciate the "sexual predator teacher" plotline. It seemed super contrived and preachy. Also, I didn't feel that the high school-aged characters reacted at all realistically to the idea of a teacher sleeping with students. They were all, "OMG A SEXUAL PREDATOR :O" It wasn't implied that the teacher in question was forcing attention on the students (even though that turned out to be the case), and as someone who went to a high school where there were rumors that a certain teacher was dating a certain student (the teacher was then promptly fired), I can tell you that most teenagers don't think of teacher/student relationships as icky because one is a teen and the other an adult, especially if the teacher in question is relatively young. Teens think of themselves as adults. They are mature, reasonable people who can enter into relationships of their own free will. In the minds of most teens, teacher/student relationships are wrong for the same reason that an adult sleeping with his/her boss is wrong--it mucks with the chain of authority and is just generally squicky because personal and work lives should not intermingle in that way. But Janie and Cabel, upon hearing that a teacher at Fieldridge High might be sleeping with a student, are both absolutely horrified at the very idea. Oh, please.So, to summarize, Janie and Cabel's relationship went down the tubes because Cabel is a giant jerk, the plot is crappy, and the Dreamcatcher bits were tremendously boring. I probably won't bother reading the next book.