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Always a Temptress - Eileen Dreyer She ruined my favorite character. In the previous two books, Kate was my amazing. But in this book, Eileen Dreyer turns around and is all, "Oh, Kate's awesomeness and kickassery was all just a front! She is really a frail, broken woman who hides behind a mask of awesome but deep down is in desperate need of a man to come fix her."Having Kate be the victim of sexual and childhood abuse? I'm down with that. It happens. It happens a lot. It's cool that there are authors who will write heroines who have experienced abuse. However...having her past abuse be the defining characteristic of her life, totally negating the awesome person that she seemed to be in the first two books, until her man "fixes" her by forcing her to accept his "non-violent" sexual advances? Hell no.I would have thrown the book at a wall, but I checked it out from the library, and they tend to frown on that sort of thing.