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Grimspace - Ann Aguirre Well, I didn't hate it. I really liked the premise a lot, and went into the book wanting to love it. I definitely didn't love it.I liked the future world portrayed here, and I thought the book was actually really well plotted. It should have been great. But the characters and the writing quality just didn't live up to the premise and plot.First off, the main character was a stupid one, one who apparently needs to have every tiny little thing explained to her in order for her to comprehend it. Someone intentionally caused the spaceship you were helping fly to crash land, but it doesn't occur to you until someone points it out near the end of the book that, er, they probably had a reason for doing so besides just being evil? Everyone in the vehicle with you seems terrified when you start bleeding from a small cut, yet you just think they're nuts until the super-fast, winged, flesh-eating aliens come to kill you all? The mysterious man who rescues you seems to respond aloud or via facial expression to literally every thought you have, yet you don't realize for days that he can read minds? Just... Argh.Secondly, Jax's romance with March was a really significant part of the story, and mostly I found the idea of becoming romantically involved with someone who is constantly digging around in your head, even if he can't help it, really appalling. Especially when he's constantly goading and insulting you on top of that. Who thinks that's attractive? The author, apparently.Thirdly, one of the most interesting characters in the book dies (ostensibly) partway through, and my other favorite character doesn't show up until near the end. Speaking of which, one of the things I did really enjoy about this book was an interesting twist near the end, when this awesome character shows up. I might almost be willing to read the second book just for this character. But I'm not sure I can put up with more of Jax's stupidity and the really off-putting romance.