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Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) - Richelle Mead I have a lot of problems with this book, ranging from the major (Lissa is pathetic) to the minor (the only fat character is a bully with poor hygiene), but I'm so behind on my reviews that I'm not going to take the time to detail them all unless someone expresses interest.ETA: Because someone did indeed request it, issues I had with this book:1. Lissa is a pathetic character. At the beginning, Rose claims that the two of them just have different strengths: Lissa is a sort of methodical planner, and Rose is better when immediate action is needed. Do we ever see evidence of Lissa's mad plotting skills? No. In fact, it's Rose who does all the planning for the both of them. Rose does everything for the both of them. Every time something goes wrong, Lissa just waits for Rose to ride to the rescue. She doesn't even help, she just kind of stands there whimpering (at least, that's my mental image of her).2. The love interest is 24 years old. Rose is 16. Do I care that Dimitri doesn't intend to act on his attraction? No. Because this is a novel, not real life, and you can't write a series like this with zero action between the love interests (as already demonstrated in this book). And, speaking as a 24-year-old, a 24-year-old crushing on a 16-year-old is really, really gross. Can't we ever just have a couple of teenagers who are the same age being attracted to one another? Why do all the YA heroines have to be interested in older guys? I certainly wasn't when I was a teen.3. I did like that when Rose and Lissa got back to the academy, Rose was totally out of her depth in all her classes, including the combat ones. ...But then the literary equivalent of a training montage happens, and suddenly Rose is the Best, Most Kickass Guardian Ever again. Cue eyeroll.4. The only fat character is a sex-crazed bully with poor personal hygiene. Thanks for reinforcing that stereotype, Richelle.5. Apparently, this author is incapable of writing a book that doesn't involve rape or attempted rape. (I've read a couple of her adult books as well.)Prose-wise, the book was well-written enough. I actually kind of enjoy seeing a slightly different take on vampires, and this book had potential. The potential, for me, wasn't realized. I might be willing to take a crack at the second, but the second would have to really wow me to make me forget about all the issues I had with this one.