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I am an avid reader of YA, fantasy, and romance, a librarian, and a writer of fantasy short fiction.

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Passion Play - Beth Bernobich I may or may not review this more fully later, but I feel the need for a trigger warning: THIS BOOK CONTAINS RAPE. Lots and lots of repeated rape. If you find rape at all triggering, don't even think about touching this book. I go back and forth on whether I think the rape was handled okay--I've seen much better portrayals, but I've also seen worse. The character experienced some self-blame that wasn't really addressed--she kept insisting that she chose to become a whore, but, uh, blackmail doesn't really count as a choice, and she definitely didn't sign up for the degree of sexual abuse that she experienced. And I had some other qualms, but I'm just going to leave this here and go away now.