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Never a Gentleman - Eileen Dreyer This book enjoys the same strengths and suffers the same weaknesses of the first book in the Drake's Rakes series, Barely a Lady. Namely, the heroine is bloody brilliant (and the other women are also kickass), but the hero is a blisteringly stupid, hurtful man who doesn't deserve her. For sheer ability to engage a reader with her prose, Eileen Dreyer is without doubt the best romance author I've ever encountered. And I absolutely adore the fact that she writes historical romances with real, actual plots. However, she seems to enjoy torturing her heroines with heroes who seem to have been created specifically to cause them the maximum possible amount of pain. Which the heroines then forgive easily and unconditionally. I would have made the men suffer.I'll definitely read the next book, Always a Temptress, which is about Kate, whom I adore. However, considering the hints given about her relationship with the love interest that are provided in this book, it seems as though she's going to go through the same damn thing that Olivia and Grace did--being thrown together with a pretentious, mistrustful asshole who'll break her heart about six different ways before finally confessing his love and being forgiven all manner of sins. Ah well. The writing and the women make up for it.