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The Queen's Fool - Philippa Gregory For most of this book, the main character's story is completely subsumed by the machinations of the various royalty and wannabes that surround her--she's just along for the ride. It's only in the last quarter of the book or so that Hannah actually gets her own storyline. And the storyline goes like this: "OMG, I'm married and in love, but I hate my in-laws!" --> "OMG, my husband cheated on me before we were married, and he has a child he didn't tell me about! I'm going to run away now." --> "OMG, soldiers! My brush with death has made me realize that I don't care about my husband's cheating! I want to be with him and his dead lover's baby forever!"Furthermore, I found it quite frankly unbelievable that this girl should be:1. Snagged off the street and begged as a fool to the king.2. Sent to spy on the soon-to-be Queen Mary, who knows she's a spy but decides they should become bosom companions anyway, and takes her with her everywhere, even when secrecy and speed are of the utmost importance and she can only take a couple people.3. Sent by Mary to spy on Princess Elizabeth, who also knows she's a spy but who also decides that they should become bosom companions anyway, and doesn't bother to hide her plotting against Mary despite the fact that Hannah is clearly friends with the queen.Also: Good lord, girl, grow a backbone. Have some agency. Stop being the puppet of whomever asks.Overall, I was completely underwhelmed, considering how popular this author is.