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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman 3.5 stars.Things I loved about this book:1. The world. Wonderful China- and Japan-inspired fantasy world, loved the idea of the dragons and dragoneyes. Reading this book made me realize the extent to which most authors (often unintentionally) draw on European history when creating their fantasy worlds.2. The fact that the protagonist faces a wide variety of challenges, including physical, political, and moral.3. Lady Dela, Eon/a's transgendered ("contraire," in the book's terminology) mentor. She kicks a lot of ass.4. Also Ryko, the eunuch bodyguard who loves her.Things I didn't like about this book:1. A severe lack of comedic relief. I don't think I laughed once while reading this book, except in derision when Eon/a was being stupid. Which leads me to...2. How thick-headed could Eon/a possibly be?Eon/a: I bet my dragon won't speak to me because I'm not masculine enough.Me: Hmm. I know that it's likely the opposite, but I'm the reader and I can see how you would make that assumption. Go on.Eon/a: I'll bet if I take these steroids my femininity will be so suppressed that my dragon will show himself!Me: Oh dear god no. STEROIDS ARE NEVER A GOOD IDEA (unless you are a eunuch).Eon/a: I'd better take extra, despite the fact that I know it causes people to fly into rages and/or sink into deep depression and creates an icky rash.Me: ...Eon/a (later): I AM SO ANGRY AT EVERYONE. CAN'T THEY UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS IS? I NEED TO HURT SOMEONE. NO IT'S NOT THE DRUGS I'M JUST REALLY STRESSED.Eon/a: And my dragon isn't even there anymore! *sob* Why doesn't he love me?Me: DUDE. Clearly, the steroids are PREVENTING you from seeing your dragon.Eon/a: Oh, hey, also this book that is tied to my dragon and magically affixes itself to my person seems somewhat lethargic lately. Huh. Oh well, I don't have time to worry about that. Time to double up on the steroids.Me: *facepalm*So, yeah, there was that.3. Eon/a had her hip broken as a child, and she struggles with discomfort, stiffness, and a limited range of movement. At the end of the book, her dragon magically fixes it and she is miraculously healed! Damn it, Alison Goodman, I thought you were going to write a decent disabled character who defies the society's view of disability as curse, but instead you just magically make her disability vanish? Uncool. Very, very uncool.Overall worth the read, and I'll see what the sequel has in store.