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Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare I can't remember the last time I gave a 100% positive review to a book (I am horrendously nitpicky even when I love a book), but as I sat down to review this one, I couldn't think of a single quibble or qualm. I enjoyed the Mortal Instruments trilogy, to which this series is a prequel, but I adored Clockwork Angel!This book has just the right amounts of mystery, excitement, romance, and magical beings and devices. Just about every single character has depth beyond what I'm used to seeing in non-central characters, even the villains (note to authors: if you want to win me over, give me a villain with depth of character).This book also has one of the most successful love triangles I've seen (possibly even a love square? will have to see how things develop in the next book). After reading Mockingjay and being disappointed in that regard, I was very pleased with how Ms. Clare's done it here. (Also, if any love triangle needs to be resolved with a threesome, it's this one. Just saying.)