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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell This is not my kind of book. If I wrote a blurb about this book and showed it to my past self, my past self would raise a skeptical eyebrow (my past self has powers I don't, apparently) and wonder what on earth inspired my future self to even bother with this book. It is so not my thing. Before I read this, I thought I would hate it, or at least find it boring. But I had to read it for book club, so I heroically took on the task, starting well in advance so I could take as many breaks to read better books as I needed....150 pages later I emerged blinking into the real world in shock. I loved it. But I stopped after that 150 pages because I was totally, 100% convinced that the second half of the book would ruin it for me. I lived the next week in dread of needing to pick it up again. Then I finished it. And...still loved it. SERIOUSLY. I couldn't believe it. When I turned the second to last page (more on that later), I was in complete awe of Rainbow Rowell and Eleanor and Park and this book because it was amazing. Somehow. Even though this kind of book really isn't my thing.This book is a boy meets girl story. There honestly isn't much else there. But it is a great boy meets girl story, one that will bring back vivid memories of high school (for better and worse) and make you ache for the wonderful, flawed, real characters and their wonderful, flawed, real relationship.The thing that killed me about this book is the very. last. freaking. sentence. (Mild spoiler ahead, so... It was one of those "open to interpretation" endings that drive me absolutely bonkers. JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS, DAMN IT. I hate it when authors do that to me. They think it's all artsy, but from my perspective, it's just a huge cop-out. Like they tried to write an ending but it all came out horribly awkward (and I can relate, believe me), so they decided to just cut out the last paragraph and maybe people would think them artsy and creative and not realize that the author just sucks at writing endings.)I would recommend this book to everyone, simply because I have no idea who this book would appeal to. I wouldn't have said it would appeal to me, but there you have it. Read three chapters. If you're not hooked by then, the rest of the book will probably leave you unmoved. But if you're like me, you won't even realize when you breeze past the end of the "trial" third chapter, so engrossed in Eleanor and Park's story that you will totally lose yourself. Enjoy.