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An Offer from a Gentleman (Bridgerton Series #3)

An Offer from a Gentleman (Bridgerton Series #3) - This book started out as an undisguised, poor attempt at a Cinderella retelling. Worse, it seemed to be so obviously borrowing from the opening plot and characters of the movie Ever After that Julia Quinn could almost be accused of plagiarism. The evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters have pretty identical characteristics to the trio in Ever After, right down to the coloring, body type, and respective attitudes of the stepsisters. The father dies of an unexpected heart attack. Sophie, the main character, is able to attend the ball because a kindly, vaguely aunt-like servant unearths a chest of clothes that belonged to her grandmother. The parallels continue.However, once the plot got beyond the rather empty and unoriginal Cinderella retelling, things picked up, and I enjoyed the rest of the book well enough. I do wish Julia Quinn would make an effort to include a little secondary plot to go with her romance, a la Amanda Quick, but her characters, especially her heroes, are so much better than Quick's that I sometimes don't mind that the entire book is nothing but love story.One thing I appreciated about this book in particular is that Sophie is the illegitimate daughter of an earl, and it's not just a fake-out--they don't discover at the last moment that her parents had secretly wed and she was the lost heir of the earldom, or anything like that. And Benedict loves her and is willing to marry her anyway. It's always refreshing to find a historical romance where a main character isn't truly upper class. Now I just have to find one where the hero isn't ridiculously wealthy and influential...