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Omens - Kelley Armstrong 3.5 stars.It's bad enough when bored, wealthy socialite Olivia Taylor-Jones finds out she's adopted. But it turns out she's the birth daughter of some of the country's most famous serial killers, and when she's discovered by the media, the resulting shitstorm results in Olivia being more or less exiled to the tiny, insular community of Cainsville. After meeting her birth mother in prison, Olivia teams up with ambitious, hotshot, doesn't-play-by-the-rules-unless-it-benefits-him lawyer Gabriel Walsh to look into her mother's claims that she and Olivia's father are innocent.Whether you enjoyed Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series or her YA Summoning series will have little to nothing to do with whether you enjoy this book. While there's still a paranormal element here, the overall tone of the book is very different--much closer to a mystery/thriller than to urban fantasy. I think this would be closer to a Dean Koontz or Stephen King book than, say, a Patricia Briggs or a Charlaine Harris. Paranormal? Yes. Urban fantasy? No. But it's not exactly horror either... I honestly don't know how to classify it.Most of this book was a fairly straightforward investigation into decades-old murders. There are clearly some strange folks in Cainsville who know more than they're letting on, but for the most part, the paranormal doesn't play a role in Olivia and Gabriel's investigation. I am curious to see how future books play out, because it seems inevitable that the paranormal aspect will become more central.One thing that I have always appreciated about Kelley Armstrong's books is the way she writes relationships. Not just romantic relationships (though those are certainly her forte), but familial relationships and friendships and rivalries. I had read that this book was more thrilleresque than Armstrong's usual, but I just hoped that meant she had applied her relationship-writing skills to another genre. That...was not really the case. Relationships of every type take a backseat to the procedural of the investigation, and that is why this book isn't the 4-star read I was hoping for.Still, I'm intrigued enough to pick up book two. I think book two might have more of everything I want: more paranormal, more relationships, less of Olivia stumbling around in the dark about the paranormal aspects. Overall, while this is far from my favorite Kelley Armstrong, I'll wait to pass judgment on the series until I see how it progresses.