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Night Hawk - Beverly Jenkins Things I liked:* Both characters were people of color! This is actually the first historical romance I've read where that was the case.* The characters faced overt and seriously harmful racism, and not just from the Evil Villain.* Maggie was a really strong character who was intelligent and perfectly capable of taking care of herself.* Ian was also a strong character who respected Maggie's intelligence and ability to take care of herself.* This is probably the most historically accurate romance novel I have ever read.Things I didn't like:* The author's habit of ending questions with a period. There was one place in the book where three sentences in a row were questions, and only the middle one had a question mark. WTF? She could figure it out once but not the other times? So confusing.* The fact that the plot was basically a series of smaller incidences that illustrated the difficulties of being a woman of color (or, at one point, Chinese American of any gender) in the American West. I would've liked the story better if there were one villain who dogged the characters rather than a series of evil racists.* The fact that anytime someone tried to be a racist idiot to Ian, he just whipped out his Marshall star and BAM! everyone was embarrassed and falling over themselves to help him. That might've happened sometimes, but I seriously doubt a star would've halted racism in its tracks. I would've expected some people to be all, "Which Marshall did you steal that star from, and did you kill him to do it?" and/or, "Which idiot deputized a black man? I sure don't recognize anyone with dark skin as having authority over me."Overall, one of the better romances I've read, especially in the Western subgenre.