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Marry Me (Reidsville, #2) - Jo Goodman This is my second, and almost certainly last, Jo Goodman novel. In this one, the heroine (whose head we don't even get inside until about a quarter of the way through the book) felt like a teenager to me. I kept reading the book as though it were YA, which made the out-of-nowhere romance kind of gross, since the hero is thirty and acts it. What's more, there are seriously about four hints that the characters may be attracted to each other before they start frantically making out about 120 pages in: 1) Rhyne sees the new doctor at a distance, and thinks he's handsome. 2) At one point, the doctor considers kissing her. 3) They shake hands and "both ignore the current" blah blah blah. I forget the fourth. My point is that there is next to no romantic tension before they suddenly decide they're in love with one another.Also, Goodman has an extremely poor sense of structure. She'd cut off a chapter in what felt like the middle of a scene, and then the next chapter would be from days later and you'd have to piece together what had happened in the rest of the scene through flashback. It was horrible.I wanted to like this book, because I like tough heroines and girls-disguised-as-boys, but there are so, so many issues. I haven't even touched on all of them here, because I just can't bring myself to care.